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Strong historic track record with an ambitious vision for the future

Investing in all property sectors across the regions, start-ups and trading businesses.

Our view

Our view is that provided we can play our part in managing the risk – and provided the reward is proportionate – then we will assess any opportunity. Always carefully, always thoroughly, but always with an eye to finding the angle where we can add extraordinary value. Put simply, we don’t shy away from risk where we can see a suitable reward.


Our focus is typically on the property sector, but we also invest in start-ups and existing trading businesses including the hospitality sector, with the aim to capitalize on the best market opportunities.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy focuses on how we can add value. Provided we can see an angle where we can add value through our strategic insight or via some tactical element (by way of planning gain or specialised asset management gain, for example) then we will be interested in exploring it with you, so please keep in touch.